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Society Policies

Below is a listing of the contents of the 2018-2019 Wisconsin Medical Society Policy Compendium. Policies are initiated by our physician members and reviewed by Society Councils, the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates before being adopted. Policies are reviewed every five years for relevance. The original reference source is listed in parentheses at the end of each policy.

The policies linked below were last updated in June of 2018.

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Public Health Issues
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ACC – Accident/Injury Prevention
COM – Communicable Diseases
ALC – Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
EMM – Emergency Medicine
EOH – Environmental/Occupational Health
MCH – Maternal and Child Health
MEC – Medical Care7
MEN – Mental Health
OBE – Obesity
PHI – Physically/Mentally Impaired
PUB – Public Health/Safety
SAT – Safe Transportation
SCH – School Health
SMK – Smoking and Tobacco
SPO – Sports
VIO – Violence
WOM – Women and Reproductive Health

Legal/Legislative Issues
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ANT- Antitrust Laws
DHC – Data (Health Care)
DIS – Discrimination
DPS – Data (Physician Specific)
DRU – Drugs, Regulation and Standardization
GAM – Gambling
IMP – Impaired Physicians
LIA- Liability and Malpractice Issues
SCO – Scope of Practice
TOR – Tort Reform

Education Issues
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EMC – Education (Continuing Medical)
EME – Education (Medical)
EMP – Education of Other Professionals
RES – Medical Research

Access and Financing Issues
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BIL – Billing
EXC – Extended Care Facilities
HOM – Home Health
INS – Insurance: Coverage/Reimbursement/Mandates
MAN – Managed Care
MRC – Medicare and Medicaid
UNS – Underserved Areas

Ethical/Judicial Issues
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ABO – Abortion
ALT – Alternative Medicine
ETH – Ethics

Practice, Organization, and Interprofessional Issues
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HMS – Hospital Medical Staff
HSR – Health System Reform
INR – Inter-Professional Relations
MEB – Medical Examining Board
MEM – Membership, AMA and Wisconsin Medical Society
MER – Medical Records
NUR – Nurses and Nursing
OPH – Ophthalmology and Optometry
ORG – Organization
OUT – Outreach (Medical)
PHA – Pharmacy
PHE – Physician Extenders
PHY – Physicians
PRP – Practice Parameters
REP – Review (Peer)
REQ – Review (Quality Assurance and Utilization)
TEC- Technology Advancements