Improve the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting and strengthening physicians' ability to practice high-quality patient care in a changing environment.

Society Councils

The Society’s Strategic Councils draft, research and review resolutions that become Society policy, inform Society staff on direction in the State Capitol and advocate for physicians in government, hospitals, clinics and communities. Society members also may participate in council discussions on a topic-by-topic basis.

For more detailed information about each council, including agendas, meeting minutes and members, click on the links below. All Council meeting notices are published in Medigram.

Council on Health Care Delivery, Access and Finance: This council serves to advance, advocate and advise Society Board and staff members about health care access issues such as financing and delivery, risk management, liability reduction and workers’ compensation.

  • Current topics include Wisconsin’s Medicaid budget and allocation of resources, health insurance exchange, and essential benefits plans.

Council on Health Care Ethics: This council focuses on the ethical aspects of medical practice, including the treatment and care of patients as well as the relationship between ethics and the science of medicine.

  • Current topics include advance care planning, hospice and palliative care

Council on Health Care Quality and Population Health: This council provides physician leadership for improved quality of care, patient education, and public and preventive health initiatives.

  • Current topics include health literacy, patient safety, alcohol abuse, wellness, obesity

Council on Legislation: This council plans, organizes and implements programs to protect and preserve the legislative, socioeconomic and political interests of Society members. It analyzes state and federal legislation and administrative rules and policies; informs Society members regarding proposed legislation and other public policy initiatives; and promotes and encourages Society members to be politically active individually and collectively.

  • Current topics include medical liability climate reform, state budget

Strategic Policy Panel: This group serves as the institutional memory of the council process, providing continuity, cooperation and history to Strategic Councils and the Board of Directors. The policy panel reviews resolutions based on referrals from the Board of Directors, House of Delegates and Strategic Councils. It also reviews existing five-year policies for germaneness and continuing alignment with the Society’s Strategic Plan. Policy panel members generally are past and current Society leaders.
Council on Medical Education and Professional Development: This council is responsible for matters relating to the whole continuum of medical education as well as the accreditation of programs of continuing medical education in hospitals and other organizations in Wisconsin.
Council on Mediation and Peer Review: This council receives, investigates and seeks to resolve differences between physicians and patients or other complainants and between physicians on matters relating to quality of care and professional ethics. When necessary, it serves as the Society’s advisory board to private or governmental organizations on matters affecting medical peer review, including utilization review, appropriateness of care and quality assurance. This council also advises and consults with component societies on issues of peer review, mediation, ethics and discipline in concert with Board members. It serves as the initial appellate body for peer review and mediation issues that are appealed from local committees of component societies. Under the council’s auspice is the subcommittee, Statewide Physician Health Program Managing Committee.