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Physician Workforce Report

Based on the recommendations by the Council on Health Care Ethics and Council on Health Care Access, the Wisconsin Medical Society Board of Directors on October 20, 2012 approved a report with recommendations for ensuring a sufficient workforce in Wisconsin and a resolution promoting the establishment of a physician health program.

The Society’s physician workforce report includes 15 recommendations that offer guidance for a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to ensuring a sufficient physician workforce. Recommendations include:

  • Work with stakeholders to reduce the burden of financial debt on medical students
  • Support medical programs that place students in urban, rural and other underserved areas
  • Support expansion of medical student training capacity
  • Support the concept of team-based care
  • Maintain and expand the role of the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation in supporting physician workforce development issues
  • Act as a catalyst to connect medical students, residencies and employers

Click here to download the report.