Improve the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting and strengthening physicians' ability to practice high-quality patient care in a changing environment.

Employee Benefits

We take care of you

To earn the right to be your Financial Partners for Life, we constantly seek to find and develop new and better employee benefit solutions for physicians who are practice leaders as well as individual students and physicians.

Association Health Plan
Managed by physicians for physicians

Meeting the ever-changing needs of independent practices, the Wisconsin Medical Society Association Health Plan protects your independence while giving you the purchasing power of a large system.
Join over 400 employees and more than 1,100 members who have enrolled as of January 2018 to realize these benefits:

  • Increased premium stability
  • Simplified benefit administration
  • Year-round group enrollment
  • Statewide provider options via the WPS Statewide Network
  • Convenient online enrollment and underwriting tools

You can exactly match your groups’ needs by choosing from eight available plan designs.

Getting started is easy. Any Society member can apply on behalf of their group. All we need is your current health insurance plan and participation census data.

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Individual Benefits
Whether you are on your own or employed in an independent practice or by a large system, there are some benefits you do not want to do without.

And, as a member of the Wisconsin Medical Society, you are eligible for discounts and services not available to the general public. Check out some of your options and then talk to us. We are here to take care of you.

Dental Insurance

Disability Insurance
Short-term and Long-term

  • Some employers may feel they already have you covered with disability insurance through Workers’ Compensation or Social Security. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Workers’ Compensation covers only on-the-job occurrences so it cannot pay for sicknesses or accidents that occur off-the-job.
  • Social Security disability benefits are only meant for severe disabilities.
  • Having a disability insurance plan in place as an employee benefit protects both the employer and the employee.


Health Insurance

  • In addition to WPS, we work with a number of other group health insurance companies.
  • Our coverage plans are designed for you.
  • Group Health Savings Accounts (HSA).
  • Preferred Provider Plan (PPO).


Life Insurance

Long-Term Care

Voluntary Benefits