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Honoring Choices Wisconsin

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About the Initiative

Honoring Choices Wisconsin (HCW) is a Wisconsin Medical Society initiative committed to promoting the benefits of and improving the processes for advance care planning (ACP) across the state, in health care settings and in the community. HCW assists health care organizations and community partners with designing and embedding a comprehensive, sustainable approach to advance care planning, with conversation about future health care preferences at its core. We utilize the training, principles and methodology of the Respecting Choices® First Steps™ model. Respecting Choices, originally developed by Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, Wisconsin, now partners with C-TAC Innovations, a national non-profit, non-partisan coalition to improve advanced illness care for all Americans. Respecting Choices is an internationally recognized, evidence-based advance care planning model of person-centered care. They are innovators and leaders in ACP education and systems development.

Honoring Choices Wisconsin provides training and support to health care organizations for:

  1. Advance care planning systems redesign
  2. Training of health care professionals and others, including ACP facilitators
  3. Patient and community engagement
  4. Continuous quality improvement of the other three elements so they create an effective, organized approach that improves person- and family-centered care.

Honoring Choices Wisconsin welcomes new participants year-round. We ask organizations to agree to a shared approach to advance care planning; commit to the training program and implementation of advance care planning as a routine part of care; agree to collaborate fully with other organizations; and contribute financially to the program.

The Wisconsin Medical Society commits to:

  • Advocating for advance care planning as a process of understanding, reflecting on and discussing future medical decisions, including end-of-life preferences.
  • Serving as convener, coordinator, and catalyst to make advance care planning a routine and standard part of care across the state.
  • Providing education and support and a forum in which to share information.

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The name “Honoring Choices Wisconsin” is used under license from the Twin Cities Medical Society Foundation.
RESPECTING CHOICES® is a registered mark used under license from Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation, Inc.